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 Getting Started

    How do I start my own club?

   How do I select a Model United Nations Conference?

   How do I register for a Model United Nations Conference?

   How do I select a country?

Here are a few steps you need to take to start a MUN club at your school or community center:
  1. Get permission to set up a MUN team from your school or community center.

  2. Identify a teacher, counselor or other adult advisor who will act as a mentor and offer suggestions as you set up your MUN team.

  3. Write a purpose statement for the club. Writing a purpose statement makes your commitment to creating this club more concrete. It should include why you want to start this club, what will the club stand for and how you propose to achieve this.

    "The MUN club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events."

  4. Find a classroom or appropriate meeting place where team members can meet and where you can set up a workspace with book resources, maps, and a computer if possible. It is often helpful to meet in a space where you can practice your debating skills and do research together. Set up a consistent time to meet.

  5. Create a flyer that advertises the formation of this club to enroll others into the club as team members. The team should include members who are familiar with one or many of the following skills: debate, public speaking, international affairs, negotiation, conflict resolution,writing draft resolutions, plotting strategy and understanding UN rules and procedures.

  6. Set a communications system - telephone list of members, e-mail addresses, etc.

  7. Decide where your teams strengths and weakness lie and create a training program with the support of your advisor/mentor, team members, and resources from the MUNDA and other internet sites to build your team's capacities and strengths.

  8. Choose a conference you want to participate in.

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