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Project Description

The curriculum will function as follows:
  1. The curriculum is based on six comprehensive units for one unit per week.
  2. Each unit has two sections, one for grades 5-7 and another for grades 7-11. Each unit also has a set of activities.
  3. The text version of the units will be e-mailed to registered participants in advance in order to help with preparation. A full text-and-image version of the units will go up on the web site every Monday for six weeks, beginning on March 31, 1997.
  4. There are two basic activities in which everyone is expected to participate. The first has already been e-mailed to registered participants (or you can see it here). A description of the second is contained in another portion of the Teacher's Folder.
  5. The curriculum will have a number of additional on-line features, such as interviews and quizzes, all of which are described in the Teacher's Folder.

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