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Wolrd Environemnt Day 2008

Kick the Habit!
Towards A Low Carbon Economy

World Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the state of our environment and highlights actions people are taking around the world to preserve our planet for future generations.

In preparation for this important event, the UN Department of Public Information will be organizing a videoconference on 28 May 2008 from 9AM to 12PM where high school students assembled at UNHQ will have the opportunity to interact with peers around the world via videoconference to share what they are doing in their schools and communities to reduce greenhouse gases. This event is being organized to increase awareness of the contributions that young people are making to achieve a low carbon life style and to empower others to do the same. In addition, students will have the unique opportunity to interact with Dr C.A. Shuman, an Earth Scientist from UMBC/GEST at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, who is studying the current status of the vast Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets in the climate system so that their future may be predicted.

View an archive of the event in RealPlayer format.